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HODINKEE Shop is now an Authorized Apple Watch Retailer

The HODINKEE Shop, a New York City-based watch retailer and watch review site, has announced that it’s now an Authorized Apple Watch Retailer, as well as a retailer for a curated selection of Apple Watch accessories.

HODINKEE Shop founder and CEO, Ben Clymer, was the only member of a watch-focused publication invited to Apple’s keynote presentation in September 2014, when Apple Watch was unveiled to the world for the first time. Since then, the smartwatch has found a home on the wrists of many HODINKEE staffers.

“Apple Watch changed the narrative of what a watch can be, and it has had a greater impact on the perception of watches as personal possessions than any other watch in history,” the HODINKEE Shop says on its blog. “Because of Apple Watch, more people than ever before are using watches as tools for work and for pleasure, for travel and for communication. It’s something we think is – and will continue to be – truly amazing for watches as a whole, which is an opinion we’ve shared with you many times.”

Dennis Sellers
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