Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Hey, Apple, you’re so cool (as in the ‘coolest wearable brand’)

A new survey by Juniper Research finds that smartphone users, regardless of their mobile preference, consider Apple the “coolest brand” for wearable technology. Apple was followed by Samsung, Google, LG, and Sony.

Interestingly, the research group found that battery life of wearables wasn’t that important, only deterring four percent of respondents from buying a wearable. While iOS users were more likely to buy a wearable in the near future than Android users, there was little difference in the type of device they were likely to buy.

Juniper Research also found that only one in five consumers would be willing to pay more than $175 for a wearable of any sort. The smartwatch market moving towards a duopoly of Apple-Samsung — with over 75% of respondents preferring either Apple or Samsung, says the research group. 

Juniper Research also found that, despite the prevailing opinion that wearable devices need to be more fashion oriented, it was apparent that non-technology brands were not popular. No fashion or sports brand supported by more than three percent of respondents.

Dennis Sellers
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