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Here’s why folks switch from Android to iOS (or vice versa)

PCMag has conducted a survey of 2,500 U.S. consumers to find out why folks switch between mobile operating systems — mainly, iOS and Android.

The study found that the majority of smartphone users who have switched mobile operating systems (18%) went from Android to iOS. Only 11% went from iOS to Android. Over half of respondents (54%) in the survey had an iPhone and 27% had a Samsung phone.

Forty-seven percent of those who moved from Android to iOS said their new operating system delivers a better user experience. The percentage of those who went from iOS to Android and claim a better experience is 30%.

The area where people clearly feel a switch to Android is a deal is in the deal itself: 29% said the prices are better. Only 11% switched Android to iOS and claimed it was for the savings.

When asked to pick one main criterion for going with a particular smartphone, only 19% said it was because of the operating system. The higher criteria: the price, at 33%, and the brand, at 26%.

Dennis Sellers
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