Here’s why Android owners switch to the iPhone

The gang at Consumer Intelligence Research Partners say Android switchers don't need the latest iPhones.

There are a variety of reasons why Android users switch to an iPhone. For example, some want to use iMessage and FaceTime among family and friends.

For the iPhone buyers that previously owned an Android smartphone, the folks at Counterpoint Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) asked the reason why they switched operating systems. Some couldn’t articulate why they made the change – they just “wanted something new.” For those who could state a clear reason, CIRP saw four types:

  • Prior phone problems: their old phone did not serve them, because it was aging, needed repair, or had some deficiency that affected their user experience
  • New phone features: they wanted more and different ways to use their smartphone, like a better camera, enhanced accessory options, or a more intuitive user interface
  • Cost: they could spend less on a new iPhone than they expected or than on a comparable Android smartphone
  • Community connecting: they wanted a smartphone that integrates with family and friends, including using iMessage and FaceTime on iOS

For buyers that had a specific reason, slightly more than one-half highlighted a problem with their prior phone. CIRP says that specific reasons included problems with connections, battery life, or other essential functional attributes of using the device.

Dennis Sellers
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