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Here’s how many days you’d have to work to pay for a new iPhone

Apple announced its new iPhones in September and with each pre-order date came a surge of sales from developed nations such as the U.S. Singapore, Switzerland, and United Arab Emigrates, where residents may only have to work a handful of days to purchase them, making the new iPhones a reasonably affordable amenity.

However, with smartphone prices hitting astronomical new heights, price-conscious markets around the world are seeing tremendous sales volumes with budget handsets. For example, in countries such as Cuba, India, Ukraine and Russia, cell phones such as the new iPhone XS Max are truly a luxury item, according to BankMyCell, a site for comparing trade-in prices for gadgets.

The site has done an analysis of not only how many working days it takes to buy an iPhone Xr, Xs, and Xs Max (64GB), but also comparing it to local cost of living figures in 61 countries.

For example, Cubans take up to 669 days to buy one, America is the third in the countries considered and it would take: 6.9 working days to buy an iPhone Xs Max; 6.3 working days to buy an iPhone Xs; and 4.7 working days to buy an iPhone Xr.

Or an average American could eat out 76 times in a reasonably inexpensive restaurant, buy 275 domestic 0.5l beers, rent a 1-bed city center apartment for 1.2 months or pay their utility bills for 7.1 months, according to BandMyCell. You can view the full report here.

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