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Here are some MacBook PDF text tips from Adobe Acrobat

With the back-to-school season in full swing, many college students are switching from PC to MacBook for the first time. With more textbooks going digital, these students are searching for ways to get the most out of their textbooks on their Macs, as Google searches for “How To Edit PDF on Mac” skyrocket 150% this month. 

The team at Adobe Acrobat recently compiled the top textbook PDF hacks that shows how to get the most out of your PDF textbooks this school year.

Top 5 PDF Textbook Hacks From Adobe Acrobat For MacBook Users: 

° Turn your PDF textbook to an audiobook with the text-to-speech function. College is notorious for having reading-heavy classes, but you can alleviate some of that when needed by using the ‘Read Aloud’ function. This will transform your PDF textbook into an easily digestible format that can help you consume the required information while also being able to comprehend while multitasking – especially on those reading-heavy days.

° Highlight while you read for easy studying for exams. A common complaint with digital textbooks is the inability to highlight important details and take notes in the book. Adobe Acrobat has a function that allows you to highlight your PDF, and it automatically creates a note for the highlighted sections so you can easily reference it whenever needed or add any additional notes.

° Search for terms in your textbook. After putting your PDF textbook into the free online edit PDF tool, either click the magnifying glass in the top right or use + F to open up the search option. From here, simply type in whatever term you are looking for and Adobe Acrobat will automatically filter through the document for you.

° Add comments to your PDF Textbook take notes.Taking notes is essential for any college course. Stay organized and keep all your reading notes together by creating comments as you read. These comments get sorted by page number, so you can easily reference anything needed for specific textbook sections for upcoming exams or assignments.

° Share your PDF Textbook for collaborative note-taking sessions – Not only can you take solo notes, but you can also share your PDF textbook with others to take notes collaboratively or have group study sessions. Simply share the document by clicking the person icon at the top right of the Edit PDF tool. 

You can view the Free Adobe Acrobat PDF Editor used for the hacks mentioned here

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