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HDMI to USB-C Video Capture Device will be extremely useful for a specific audience

The downside of Apple’s love affair with Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports on the MacBook and MacBook Pro is that you have to buy adapters and cables to interface with just about anything. If you need to record video and audio directly to your Mac, you’ll need another one: StarTech’s HDMI to USB-C Video Capture Device (UVCHDCAP) .

It’ll set you back $259.99, but it’s compatible with USB-A, USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. It’s plug ’n play, which means it’s hassle-free. The device can be used to record meetings, presentations or conference calls in 1080p (at 60 frames per second) to be uploaded, shared, or live streamed. Supported resolutions include 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, 1024 x 768, 800 x 600.

The HDMI to USB-C Video Capture Device is small (0.9 x 3.6 x 2.4 inches and 2.8 ounces) and rugged enough that you can take it on the road. Conveniently, it sports USB Video Class (UVC) technology, a video capture standard natively supported by Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

This offers users the ability to work with their computer’s native video capture driver. Whether folks prefer to use DirectShow applications on Windows or QuickTime on Mac, no additional drivers have to be installed.

Not everyone requires the functionality the HDMI to USB-C Video Capture Device offers. But for those who do, the price is worth it.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★


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