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Hate robocalls on your iPhone? Get a one-year subscription to Call Control Premium at 33% off

I detest robocalls, and the service provided by my carrier doesn’t seem to stop those calls. That’s why I’m personally taking advantage of today’s deal — a one-year subscription to Call Control Premium for $19.99. It gets great reviews on both the Apple App Store and Google Play (there’s an Android version, too), and it’s used by over 12 million users.

  • Block calls from anyone w/ a personal call & SMS blacklist

  • Use reverse phone number lookup to reveal unknown numbers

  • Keep your phone from ringing at night or during an important meeting w/ quiet hours

  • Know whether an IRS scammer or legitimate business is calling you w/ enhanced caller ID

  • Automatically block known spam callers w/ reports from the CommunityIQ features

Call Control takes advantage of community reports and do not call complaints to block spam and unwanted calls or text messages. Getting annoyed by a robocalled that’s not on the list? You can add them and save everyone the aggravation of getting unwanted calls.

Take advantage of our offer today and save $10 off the regular price!

Steve Sande
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