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Gym closed? The NOSSK TWIN PRO Trainer helps you stay in shape

When you don’t have time to go to the gym, or it’s closed because of COVID-19 restrictions, you can still get a great workout. The NOSSK TWIN PRO Trainer ($39.99) consists of a pair of resistance training straps that come with a set of double-sided workout diagrams that will keep your weight program going all the time, everywhere.

Got no time to go to the gym? Make your own training ground with NOSSK TWIN PRO Suspension Fitness Strap Trainer. This set contains 2 versatile straps that let you do resistance training even in small spaces. Lose weight, tone muscles, improve strength, and flexibility! With built-in door anchor tubes, these straps easily set up to most fixtures such as a door, gym bar, or even a tree. These grips are adjustable for up to 8ft long and work great for people up to 400lbs. They are made with 1st Grade US Military Webbing and other professional-grade components for guaranteed strength while the sleeve grips are made of rubber for comfortable, soft, and non-scratching. 

  • Adjustable training straps can be extended to up to 8ft long

  • Extra strong w/ military-grade webbing & components for effective training

  • Works great for people weighing up to 400lbs

  • Door anchor tubes allow easy attachment to most fixtures such as doors, bars, posts & more

  • Extra strong and comfortable (Latex Free) Rubber Sleeve Grips with soft, non-marring and non-scratching Foot Loops

  • Double-sided 18-exercise sheet for visual guide while training

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