Gunnar Optiks releases new Tallac blue-light blocking computer glasses

Gunnar Optiks is releasing new Tallac blue-light blocking computer glasses.

Gunnar Optiks, which specializes in blue-light blocking computer glasses, is releasing new frames the company says have been specifically designed to keep wearers laser focused, while preventing computer vision syndrome symptoms.

According to the folks at Gunnar Optiks, the US$150 Tallac frames take on a bold mountaineer-look, are crafted with premium acetate and feature removable leather side shields for optimal focus. While removable, the side shields are designed to play a crucial role in blocking peripheral light for complete coverage and providing maximum protection against light interference. They also help to block air with the goal of further reducing the risk of dry eye. 

The Tallac frames boast patented blue light blocking lens technology that reportedly filters up to 98% of harmful blue light emitted from digital screens. These lenses reduce eye strain, headaches, blurred vison and other Computer Vision Syndrome symptoms, while enhancing visual clarity, according to the folks at Gunnar Optics.

Dennis Sellers
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