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Good news for the rumored Apple Car: more U.S. adults are wary to buy electric vehicles

Here’s some possible good news for the rumored Apple Car, which will almost certainly be an electric vehicle: a growing number of consumers are eager to buy a battery electric vehicle, especially if certain concerns related to EV ownership are addressed, such as creating greater access to charging, extending vehicle range, and lowering purchase prices, according to findings from the largest-ever nationally representative survey from Consumer Reports (PDF).

The survey of 8,027 U.S. adults found differences across racial/ethnic and income groups in terms of how people perceive EVs and the potential purchase barriers. Almost half of respondents also reported being unaware of existing federal and state incentives that would defray the purchase price of many EVs, sometimes up to US$7,500 for the federal credit, key knowledge that might sway someone to make an EV purchase. 

Consumer Reports found that 14% of American drivers say they would “definitely” buy or lease an electric-only vehicle if they were to buy a vehicle today. That’s up from the 4% who said the same in a 2020 nationally representative survey from CR of 3,392 licensed U.S. drivers.

Overall, the CR survey found that more than a third of Americans would “definitely” or “seriously” consider buying or leasing an electric-only vehicle) if they were to buy a vehicle today. Among their reasons: More than 3-in-10 U.S. adults say that it costs less to charge an EV than to refuel a gas car (33%), overall lifetime costs are lower (31%), and maintenance costs are lower (28%). 

EV sales rose 76% in the first quarter of 2022, compared with the same period last year, according to Cox Automotive, an information and services company. EVs promise reduced operating costs, and there are more choices on the market, with more models from various categories on the way

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  • How is it good news if consumers are wary of buying the thing Apple are making? Being wary of something means to be worried or concerned about it, right?

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