GM may be ditching ‘em, but other carmakers plan to keep rolling with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

General Motors may be ditching Apple CarPlay (as well as Android Auto), but other car manufacturers are apparently happy to keep offering them.

The Verge reports that it reached out to all the major automakers to see if any were planning on following GM in ditching CarPlay and Android Auto, and “unsurprisingly, none have responded in the affirmative.”

“We continue to offer Apple Carplay and Android Auto because customers love the capability that enables easy access and control of their smartphone apps — especially our EV customers because some EVs currently do not offer the features,” said Alan Hall, a spokesperson for Ford.

Also from The Verge report:

° Volvo responded by forwarding a LinkedIn post from CEO Jim Rowan from 10 months ago in response to Apple’s announcement that future versions of CarPlay would be more deeply integrated into the vehicle.

° Honda, which is also adopting Google’s built-in software integration for the next Accord, said it has no plans to do so at the expense of CarPlay and Android Auto.

° Hyundai, which also owns a stake in Kia, said it has “no plans to stop offering AppleCar Play and Android Auto on its vehicles, including EVs,” said spokesperson Miles Johnson.

° And BMW plans to keep on using CarPlay and Android Auto (at least for now).

Dennis Sellers
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