Give your iPhone 12 a new high with Twelve South’s Stone’r

Twelve South has released Stone’r, an US$34.99 weighted marble base that holds your MagSafe Charging Disc in place so you can grab your iPhone with one hand, without the charging disc sticking to it. 

The Stone’r also dresses up your MagSafe Charger and keeps it from slipping to the floor. The folks at Twelve South says that, if you’re looking for a new high in iPhone 12 charging, pick up a Stone’r today.

They also adds this message: “We kinda really want a Stone’r too. So, let’s see if we can get enough Stone’rs to make a short production run. Pledge your support with a pre-order and when we pass 100% – it’s on! In the unlikely event that we don’t reach the required minimum order, we will refund your order immediately. But that would be a bummer – so pre-order now and save $5.”

This article is part of Apple World Today’s special April 1 coverage.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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