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Get a Doozy of a Deal on Phoozy Apollo Insulated Phone Cases

Phoozy makes some amazing products, mainly phone storage cases that are insulated against heat and cold, and that offer more protection than just a standard case. We reviewed their incredible iPad/MacBook CAPSULE recently and loved it. Now we’re offering deals on the Phoozy Gold Apollo Insulated Phone cases in both the Plus and XL sizes, both for $19 each.

Protect your phone better with this Apollo Insulated Phone Case from Phoozy. Made from NASA technology, it insulates your mobile phone in cold conditions and reflects the sun and heat in hot conditions. Its insulation properties won’t interfere with cellular, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth signals and still allows access to charging ports. Apollo is the perfect lifejacket for your phone with its water-resistant and splashproof design that floats if dropped in the water and its military-grade shock protection that protects your phone from drops up to 6ft.

  • Insulate your mobile phone in cold conditions & reflect heat in hot conditions

  • Connect w/ cellular, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth signals & still have access to charging ports

  • Protect your phone from water w/ its splashproof design

  • Protect your phone from drops up to 6ft w/ military-grade protection

Note: Not intended to be left in a vehicle in cold or hot weather for an extended period of time.

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