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Gemini 2 for Mac: Delete duplicate files and get your spring cleaning started

Duplicate files and photos can slowly but surely chew up valuable disk space on your Mac and even result in slow performance. Finding and deleting those files can take forever, so what do you do? We have just the answer for you in today’s Apple World Today Deals Shop special: Gemini 2 for Mac, a utility designed to quickly search for duplicates and then present them to you for verification and deletion. To make it easy for you to buy Gemini 2, we’re offering it for 34 percent off of the regular price — just $12.99.

What does Gemini 2 for Mac do for you?

  • Finds duplicate pictures, look at them closely, & zap the extras
  • Deletes duplicates in iTunes
  • Learns what you delete & what you choose to keep so the cleanup process is continually improving
  • Digs through scan results & hand-pick files to erase, or let Smart Select do all the leg work
  • Moves duplicates to the Trash but lets you bring them back in a click so you don’t accidentally delete the wrong files

Gemini 2 for Mac was the winner of the 2017 Red Dot Design Award for Best User Interface, so you’ll find that it’s incredibly easy to use. You can download a free trial from MacPaw to check it out, then come on back to the Deals Shop to get your license for just $12.99. 

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