Gadget Guard releases radiation reduction insert for iPhone cases

iPhone users who love their case but worry about cellphone radiation no longer must choose between the two. Gadget Guard has created a slim radiation reduction tool that slips between your smartphone and existing phone case that eliminates up to 75% of cellphone radiation exposure.

The inserts with alara technology can be installed in any cellphone case and reduce cellphone radiation exposure while still maintaining the phone’s signal quality, according to Jason Ellis, CEO of Gadget Guard. The inserts are compatible with the iPhone XR, 11, SE (2020), 12/12 Pro and iPhone 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

The inserts have micro-thin antennas that automatically pair with smartphones to reduce user exposure to cellphone radiation, Ellis says. He adds that U.S. patented alara technology is unique in that it reduces radiation exposure by redirecting radiation away from the user while maintaining the signal, unlike other radiation accessories that by blocking radiation only cause your phone to work harder and ultimately produce more radiation.

The alara inserts are made from sustainable materials derived from stone, not trees. The insert costs US$29.99 and can be found at retail stores or online. If you want a new case, Gadget Guard also offers cases with alara technology built-in for all iPhone models from iPhone 7 to iPhone 13.

Dennis Sellers
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  • Doesn’t this product lead to heat related performance and backlight throttling?

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