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G.O.A.T. Pet Bluetooth Speakers Are Great Fun and On Sale Today

Want to listen to your favorite tunes while taking your pup out for a walk? How about getting an idea of where your cat is hiding by playing a short “I’m here!” recording? The G.O.A.T. Pet Bluetooth Speaker was a hit on Shark Tank, and now you can get it in Pug, Spot, Cat or Bird styles for $14.99.

This adorable G.O.A.T. Pet Bluetooth Speaker simply clips to your pet’s collar or leash or the pet-parent lanyard. By simply connecting it to your phone via Bluetooth, you’re now ready to safely stream your favorite tunes for walks or soothing music during loud storms & fireworks, as well as take easy selfies via selfie remote button. This speaker also integrates with the G.O.A.T Pet Speaker to give your pet a ‘voice’. Record or type what you want them to say, and have your pet can ‘talk’ just about anywhere in multiple different languages and accents. Using the app, you can also organize your pet’s schedule with your pet’s own personal calendar to include vet appointments or playdates. 

Shark Tank and Family Choice Award Winner!

  • Stream incredibly sounding music w/ Bluetooth mode

  • Effortlessly take selfies w/ your pet by pressing the selfie remote button

  • Create your pet speaker profile, personalize it w/ a photo, & set a language and accent

  • Organize your pet’s schedule w/ your pet’s own personal calendar to include vet appointments or playdates

Caution: Speaker has amazing sound quality. Be sure to only use at the volume your pet is actually comfortable with.

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