Future iPhones, iPads, Apple Glasses, and maybe Macs could share AR live video feeds

Future iPhones, iPads, and perhaps Macs could sport enhanced augmented reality (AR) displays with even more interactive features such as the ability to share video feeds. Apple has filed for a patent (number 20210082200) for “synchronized, interactive augmented reality displays for multifunction devices.”

I also think the invention would allow such devices to show live video transmitted to them from Apple’s rumored AR/virtual reality/mixed reality headset and/or glasses. In the patent filing data, the tech giant says that, despite strong academic and commercial interest in AR systems, many existing AR systems are complex and expensive making such systems unsuitable for general use by the average consumer. 

Apple wants to change this with a device that can receive live video of a real-world, physical environment on a touch sensitive surface. One or more objects can be identified in the live video. An information layer can be generated related to the objects. In some implementations, the information layer can include annotations made by a user through the touch sensitive surface. The information layer and live video can be combined in a display of the device. 

Data could be received from one or more onboard sensors indicating that the device is in motion. The sensor data could then be used to synchronize the live video and the information layer as the perspective of video camera view changes due to the motion. The live video and information layer can be shared with other devices over a communication link.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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