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Future Apple Pencils may have adjustable sizes

Future Apple Pencils may have adjustable sizes. Apple has been granted a patent (number 20190064936) for an “adjustable handheld stylus.” The tech giant notes that styluses are available in a variety of shapes and sizes that are each intended to satisfy certain user preferences. However, while some shapes and sizes are advantageous for certain purposes, the same shapes and sizes can be less desirable for other purposes. 

According to the patent, an Apple Pencil could have an adjustment element that changes its size and/or shape. The size and/or shape of a grip region or end portion of the stylus could be altered to mimic characteristics of a writing or drawing tool or to better accommodate the size of a user’s hand. 

The size and/or shape of the Apple Pencil could also be altered to limit rolling of the stylus on a surface or to accommodate coupling to another device, such as a charger. Haptic feedback can also be provided to a user by operation of the adjustment element.