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Future Apple Magic Mice could have a shape-changing enclosure

Future versions of Apple’s Magic Mouse could change shapes. The tech giant has applied for a patent (number 10,592,008) for a “mouse having a shape-changing enclosure).

Why? In the patent data, Apple says that traditional computer mice have a static form that’s not suitable for all tasks. Furthermore, different users prefer or require different shapes of computer mice. Apple wants to improve the function of a computer mouse. 

Obviously, the shape changing abilities are limited. However, users could extend the length and width of such a mouse to accommodate different hand sizes.

Here’s the summary of the patent: “Systems and methods for changing the shape of a mouse or other input device are described. In one embodiment, a mouse includes an articulating member that defines a curvature of an exterior surface of the mouse. The mouse may include one or more actuators for manipulating the articulating member to change the contour of the exterior surface of the mouse. The curvature may be changed to optimize the ergonomics of the mouse and/or deliver tactile feedback to users.”

Dennis Sellers
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