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Funzees with Munzees

You’ve probably heard about geocaching; it’s a modern-day scavenger hunt that uses GPS and a website or app to let people get out and search for well-hidden logbooks and swag. Now I’ve been doing this for about 14 years, and there are some downsides to physical caches. First, if you are planning on deploying a cache, you have to plan on maintaining it as well — keeping it up when water leaks in, adding small pens or pencils, changing out log books, and more. Second, there are places where caches are verboten, like many national and state parks. Well, there’s a new game in town that does away with physical caches — Munzee (free app, QR codes available for purchase). 

Munzee consists of QR code stickers that are placed just about anywhere. With the app and your iPhone’s GPS/Glonass receiver, it’s possible to determine where nearby Munzee stickers might be hidden. Look around, and you may find the QR code sticker, which you then “claim” by pointing your iPhone’s camera at. There are different types of Munzees, all of which can get you differing numbers of claim points. 

Deploying a Munzee take very little time and can be done almost anywhere. Just grab one of the stickers (you’re sent a batch for free upon signing up, just to get you hooked…), find a fun place to hide it, scan the sticker, give it a name and description, and then stick at that location. You get points for deploying the Munzee and more each time someone finds the sticker and claims it. 

Munzees are not free; then again, deploying most Geocaches requires an investment in time and money. Generic Munzees are weatherproof stickers that are available for $7.50 for a sheet of 20. There are “Urban Camo” Mini Munzees that look like they’re associated with maintenance schedules or safety warnings, available for $6 for 20. Really want to go wild? Mini Munzees are tiny QR stickers that are harder to find and that cost $55 for 250. You could pretty much plaster a city with these tiny stickers! If you’d rather not pay for the waterproof, pre-printed QR stickers, you can always print your own. 

Even better, there are virtual Munzees that can be deployed. There’s no need for someone to find and scan a QR sticker; instead, they just have to be within a certain range of the Munzee’s location to claim it. The variety of Munzees, how they are claimed, and how many points you get for claiming or deploying one is mind-boggling.

To get started in this fun location-based game, just download the Munzee app from the App Store and create an account. You’ll get a free pack of stickers in the mail soon. To get some extra points to start off your career as a Munzee madman, use the app to scan the QR sticker at right. Have fun! 

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