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Former Apple engineer launches startup that automates plant growing

While working as a product design engineer for the iPhone/iPod at Apple, Andrew Pletenetskyy found that his frequent traveling made it impossible to look after his indoor garden. After several failures with auto-watering solutions available on the market, he decided to solve this problem on his own. 

This led to him joining forces with Silicon Valley engineer, Alex Yevdakov, and together they formed 7sensors Inc. The two went to work and realized that not only can watering be automated, the entire growing process can be dramatically improved. 

7sensors’ Grow Box is a fully automated environment that not only waters your plant; it provides lighting that has the proper intensity and spectrum, as well as controls temperature, humidity and airflow. Grow Box does it all with the energy consumption of a single light bulb.

Once you receive the Grow Box, you plant a seed or a plant clone into the soil and add water to the tank. Pick a plant type on your smartphone and the setup is complete. Your next required interaction with the product is to refill a large water tank, which is about once a month depending on the plant stage. 

Grow Box has a transparent design, so you can enjoy a fresh plant year-round. The proprietary LED array has an adjustable spectrum and intensity controlled in real-time with Grow Box’s logic. In addition, the light is designed with optimal reflectors tailored specifically to box’s growing area volume minimizing light and, as a result, energy losses.

Pricing and availability haven’t been announced.

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