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For sale: An amazing assortment of Mac memorabilia

No, it’s not my “Museum of Ancient Technology”. Instead, Blair Saldanah is putting a bunch of Mac goodies up for sale that any collector would love to have.

First off, Saldanah has a huge collection of Mac-related magazines for sale for “best offer over $8,000”. This collection includes not only a ton of Macworld magazines (including the last issue from November, 2014), but such rarities nowadays as A+ Magazine, MacWeek, St. Mac, the Macintosh Buyer’s Guide and the Macazine. That collection also includes a floppy disk from a company called Pixar containing part a 3D type rendering application called Typestry. As Saldanah notes, “Gee, I wonder what ever happened to Pixar, if they ever accomplished anything of note. ;-)”

Then he has a wide variety of items for sale individually, from data sheets for Apple products and accessories to posters, dealer newsletters and more. The thing I find interesting is that a lot of these are items that I finally threw out about ten years ago… if only I had been thinking about the historical and financial significance of the “trash”… Any Apple World Today readers who happen to pick up part of the collection can feel free to lend me the magazines and items for future Throwback Thursday articles. I’ll send ’em back. Really!


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