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Fluent survey: Apple has a strong core business, but ….

Fluent, an ad tech company, has released a report on Apple products, which surveyed 2,144 Americans to better understand their views of Apple products—the iPhone in particular. The survey results confirmed the belief that Apple has a strong core business, but also demonstrated that consumers are divided on the extent to which Apple will continue to lead its competitors. According to Fluent:


  • Thirty-eight percent of Americans said they most regularly use an iPhone. This trails Android devices by only seven percentage points.
  • iPhone owners plan to buy new iPhones. Eighty-seven percent of iPhone users say they will purchase another iPhone for their next purchase, higher than 74% of android users saying they will purchase another android device.
  • iPhone owners are more likely to upgrade their phone in the next year. Forty-nine percent say they definitely or probably will upgrade their phone in the next year versus 45% of Android users.
  • iPhone users prefer Apple apps, with the notable exception of maps. iMessage (57%) is the top messenger app and Apple Camera (61%) is the top camera app with iPhone users, but Google Maps is still most popular (69%) with iPhone users.
  • iPhone users will upgrade to the iPhone 7. Over half (51%) of iPhone users said they definitely (23%) or probably (28%) will purchase the new iPhone 7 or 7 plus when it comes out.

However, despite this overwhelming success with iPhone users on a number of metrics, Apple seems to be teetering on the edge of losing its grip of its position on top of the tech mountain. Americans are nearly evenly divided on:

  • Whether Apple is the best technology device manufacturer in the world (49/51% Yes/No)
  • Whether Apple is worth a price premium (45/55% Yes/No)
  • Whether Apple’s competitors have gained ground (56/44% Yes/No)
  • Whether Apple’s smartphones are different from others available (56% Different/44% Similar)

What’s more, expectations for upgrades on the next generation of Apple devices are tempered, as less than 3-in-10 think the next update to the line of any of Apple’s products will be a major upgrade.

The features consumers say they want most in the next iPhone — wireless charging (34%) and full waterproofing (17%) — are already being advertised as features on Samsung’s new flagship Android competitor. Fluent says the open question remains: How will Apple transform how the world uses technology next? The answer may lie in automotive technology – either in consoles (29%) or self-driving cars (25%) and televisions (20%)—the type of products consumers would most like to see Apple make next.

You can find the full report here.

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