FixGo for Mac: Easily Fix iPhone/iPad System Issues

FixGo for Mac

Most of the time, iPhones and iPads are well-behaved. Once they’ve been set up, it’s rare when they need to be restarted or reloaded. That’s why it’s so upsetting when a system issue occurs…and why FixGo for Mac is such a help.

Many people are lost when it comes to fixing system problems, which is why we’re introducing you to iToolab FixGo today. This app lets anyone — regardless of their technical background — prevent data loss and repair system issues. FixGo also works with tvOS (Apple TV) and iPod touch to fix problems.

If you have a computer — Mac or Windows PC — and a cable to connect it to your device, then you’re well on your way to resolving troubles. This video shows you how iToolab FixGo works:

Issues Repaired by FixGo for Mac

Here’s a common situation. You update your iPhone or iPad, and one or more of the following things happens to your device:

  • Stuck at Apple logo after update
  • Stuck on update screen
  • Won’t turn on after update
  • Froze during update
  • Stuck on verifying or requesting update
  • Unable to install, verify, or check for update
  • Stuck on preparing update
  • Stuck on estimated time remaining for install…

The list goes on and on! To repair these issues, Apple recommends placing your device into recovery mode. Do you have the time to research and learn this process? FixGo lets you enter and exit recovery mode with a single click, making repairs to your system a snap.

FixGo for Mac User Interface
The simple, yet powerful user interface of iToolab FixGo

The Two FixGo for Mac Repair Modes

FixGo has two repair modes available. Let’s take a look at both.

Standard Mode

In standard mode, FixGo helps to fix the most common system issues experienced by Apple users. In comparison to iTunes restore or other manual methods, FixGo standard mode works to ensure that your device doesn’t suffer data loss while being repaired.

The app considers the possible repair scenarios to be applied to your device, then makes a judgement call to improve the success rate of returning that device to fully operational status.

Advanced Mode

There are times that the standard recovery mode won’t be able to resolve a problem. That’s when the FixGo advanced mode is useful.

While it can fix most of the serious issues involved in a system problem, all of your data is erased. That’s why it’s always good to have a backup of your device, whether in iCloud or on your computer.

In advanced mode, FixGo applies more sophisticated techniques to fix the problems. The app offers clear and detailed instructions to guide you through the process.

The FixGo Repair Process

To start the repair process, download and install FixGo for Mac. Installation is easy. Just double-click the downloaded disk image (.dmg) file to launch it. The following window appears:

FixGo for Mac Installation

Drag the FixGo icon (left) to the Applications folder (right), and FixGo is installed. Launch FixGo, and the user interface shown before appears.

Fixing Issues in Standard Mode

To begin fixing a problem in Standard Mode, connect the device to your computer using a suitable Lightning cable, then click the Standard Mode button.

At this point, FixGo should detect your device. If it doesn’t, the app recommends that you put the device into recovery mode and takes you step by step through that process. If the device still isn’t detected, you’ll be directed to enter DFU mode by clicking the appropriate button.

FixGo for Mac Standard Mode Download Firmware

Next, FixGo downloads and installs the latest firmware for the device. Click Change to select a path for the downloaded firmware file, then click Download. These files are rather large, so it may take a while for the download to complete.

Once the firmware is downloaded, you’re ready to fix the device. Click Repair Now and the process is underway:

FixGo for Mac Standard Mode Repair Underway

The rest of the process is completely automatic.

Fixing System Issues with Advanced Mode

When Standard Mode isn’t able to resolve an issue, you can try using Advanced Mode. Just remember that your device will be erased completely.

You’ll click the Advanced Mode button to begin the process, after which the repair is quite similar to what is seen with Standard Mode.

Entering and Exiting Recovery Mode

If at any time during Advanced Mode you’re asked to enter Recovery Mode, FixGo makes this simple to accomplish. Just connect your computer and device, then click the Enter Recovery Mode button (see image below).

FixGo for Mac Enter Recovery Mode

Once FixGo is done working its magic, you may need to exit Recovery Mode, which can be done with one click on the proper button.

Purchasing FixGo for Mac

By now you’ve seen how powerful and easy it is to use FixGo to get your Apple devices back into working condition. Perhaps you’re trying to fix a problem right now and are boggled by the complexities of Apple’s DFU and Recovery Modes.

Don’t suffer. Point your web browser to the Buy FixGo for Mac page and select any one of the plans as seen below. The most popular is the Lifetime Plan, just $49.95 for a lifetime license that covers five devices and one Mac. With the Lifetime Plan, you’re assured of always having FixGo for Mac available when you need it. It’s currently priced at half-off!

FixGo for Mac purchase options

There are also two time-limited plans for individuals. The first is a 1-Month Plan, useful if you need to solve a system problem but don’t think you’ll need it to fix an issue in the future. The 1-Month Plan is currently on sale for $29.95. There’s also a 1 Year Plan on sale for $39.95. It’s perfect for fixing your current issues and being prepared for any problems that may occur during the next big system update. Both of these plans are good for up to five devices and one Mac.

For companies with a need to repair many devices, iToolab offers a 1 Year Business Plan that covers unlimited devices being fixed by one Mac. Previously priced at $999.95 for year, it’s also on sale for $355.95.

As an incentive for Apple World Today readers, you can take 20% off of any plan by using the coupon code LABR8F at checkout!

Your purchase is secure and safe, and your personal information is not stored during the process. FixGo for Mac is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee and free customer support.

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