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Five ways you can replicate Apple’s business strategy

By John Allen

Its pursuit of technological innovation, such as the use of AI. Its appealing product designs. Its excellent branding. These are just some of the key factors which have made Apple one of the most valuable brands in the world. Not only does it enjoy incredible sales each year, but it has one of the most loyal customer bases in the industry. 

Its value can also be understood by looking at its financial results. In 2019, Apple’s global revenue grew to the bafflingly large sum of US$260 billion.  It’s clear then, that Apple is conducting its business using the most effective strategies available. 

In witnessing this unparalleled success, business owners can’t help but ask “how can I emulate Apple’s business strategies to benefit my enterprise?”

Apple’s strategies and how you can adopt them.

Use vertical integration

Apple prides itself on developing an entire ecosystem to support the seamless integration and running of its products.  This means that in addition to creating the iPhone, it has also created the iCloud, Apple Music, and a range of other software that works only with its devices. 

Having this holistic approach to its product and service design means that Apple controls the quality of as many facets of its output as possible, making sure this is kept high. 

If it is impossible for you to exist without the help of partners, then you should at least manufacture deals where both companies have the same high standard values. Even Apple works with enterprises such as IBM to improve its services.  

For example, making sure that your conference calling provider is just as dedicated to providing excellent quality as you are means that you can maintain high standards across your output. However, the point remains that to implement this strategy effectively, you must try to control as much of your product and service’s production as possible. 

Provide excellent customer service

Apple has encouraged excellent brand loyalty by providing customer relations that are above and beyond the accepted standard. This is exemplified by providing customers with its AppleCare service

The personnel who provide this service at Apple are knowledgeable staff who know the complete range of Apple products. Therefore, issues are resolved more effectively than with other brands.  Even Apple’s automated customer service, which directs you to the right arm of their care system, is better quality than that of most other technology providers. 

Creating a high-quality customer experience, however, takes time and testing. But if your company is organized and efficient enough, you should start to see results when you focus on this area of your business. 

One of the recommended strategies to make sure that time is not being wasted, is to invest in project management apps, as they help you visualize work-flow and task progression. 

Make customers feel safe

Apple has always focused on communicating that the company values customer privacy. This is especially pertinent if, like Apple, your company handles people’s personal data. Data sources from customer photos to video conferencing logs are incredibly important to those who use these products. 

Recognizing this and collaborating with digital security firms to put plenty of measures in place to protect customer’s privacy is another one of the ways that Apple distinguishes itself from other tech businesses. 

Avoid competing too ardently on price

Some business owners believe that for their business to succeed, they need to contest on price. However, Apple has never tried to do this.  Apple’s high price-high value strategy means that people’s expectations stay high, as does their reputation. 

This high revenue system means that Apple can continue to invest money in themselves, through such projects as an improved warehouse management system or logistics centers.

Dropping prices in the hope of encouraging customers to buy your products only leads to what is called “a race to the bottom”. 

Instead, focus on what Apple does, which is making sure they know and communicate their UVP (unique value proposition). For Apple, this is their appealing design, user-friendliness, and reputation as a premium product.  

Working out what your businesses’ UVP is and making sure that your customers understand why your products are uniquely valuable will increase customer purchasing confidence. Your company may provide very high-quality online lectures because of its use of the best webinar tools. Or it might offer the best delivery times in its area. 

Whatever your UVP is, you must not undermine its value by under-pricing it. 

Keep your marketing simple

Apple understands that the simpler you can make your marketing messages and content, the greater their effectiveness in reaching the desired audience. 

This is why Apple makes its adverts as simple and direct as possible. This can be seen in the limited copy that they use to accompany promotions. Text is usually short, direct, and eschews any jargon or industry-specific terms. 

Apple’s promotions aren’t cluttered by statistics or specifications either; they focus on how their products can change your life. Other businesses can learn from this by focussing their marketing on making direct statements that get to the heart of how the service or product improves the lives of those who use it. 

Once a campaign is found to be effective, it is then worth looking at how to scale it up to reach a greater range of customers. There is little point in having ad campaigns as big as Apple if your message is still difficult to discern. 

Wrapping up

Apple’s business strategy can be summed up as two main points. Number one is that they make sure each Apple product, service, or affiliated output is created to the highest possible standard. 

Number two is that they know and communicate their value to customers. Understanding their high value and pricing products accordingly instills trust and confidence. When promoting themselves, they thus communicate their worth simply and effectively. 

Other businesses can learn a lot from observing Apple, and hopefully through emulating some of their systems, they may also enjoy some of the same successes.

John Allen is director and global SEO at RingCentral, a global UCaaS, VoIP and virtual phone service provider. He has over 14 years of experience and an extensive background in building and optimizing digital marketing programs. He has written for websites such as Industry Tap and WayUp.

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