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Five things you should do now to prepare for the Apple Watch

Apple Watch pre-orders should begin arriving next week with the first deliveries expected on April 24th. Before your package arrives, you should spend some time preparing for the Watch so your first-day experience with it will be smooth sailing. Below are some tips you can do now while you are waiting for the Watch to make its way to your doorstep. Please feel free share any additional tips in the comments below.

Order accessories now

The accessory market for the Watch is in its infancy, but there still are a few items you should considering purchasing before the Watch arrives. First and foremost, you should order any accessory bands from Apple right away so you can have them as soon as possible. Ship times currently are in May, but those dates may slip as customers receive their Watches and want to accessorize them after the fact.

There also are a handful of different docks from companies like Griffin, Mophie, Twelve South, DODOcase and Pad & Quill. If you are concerned about protecting your Watch, there are a variety of inexpensive screen protectors on Amazon as well as both rugged and clear cases from Spigen.

Familiarize yourself with the Watch UI

Apple has posted a variety of guided tours on its website that showcase the Watch user interface. You can learn how to receive and make calls, navigate using your Watch and more. There’s also this handy cheat sheet from redditor macamacamac that diagrams select Watch interactions.

Prepare your iPhone by installing the latest version of iOS

Starting at iOS 8.2, Apple added the new Watch app, which will be the conduit between the Watch and your iPhone. This Watch app will be included in all iOS versions going forward and will updated as needed. To optimize the connection between your phone and Watch, you’ll want to have the latest version of iOS installed on your phone. If you are unsure how to install an iOS update, Apple provides detailed instructions on its support website. As of the writing of this post, the latest version of iOS is 8.3.

Make a list of apps you want to install

Another day and another Watch app is announced, or so it seems. Make a list of your favorite apps now and keep track of which ones are preparing a Watch update or already released one. It’ll make it easier on launch day if you have a running list of all the must-have apps you want to install. You’ll spend less time hunting for apps and more time enjoying them if you invest that extra time now.

Track your order and arrange to be around that day

If you pre-ordered a Watch on April 10th, you likely will be receiving a shipping notification soon. Track the arrival of your Watch using an app like Deliveries from JuneCloud. You’ll know exactly when your Watch will land on your door step, so you can take the day off from work (or call in sick!).

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