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Five foosball game apps for iOS and Android devices

By Mark Cop

Every fooser has to have a foosball application on his phone. I want to offer you the list of five foosball games made for Apple (available at the Apple App Store) and Android devices so there are no excuses why haven’t you already installed the most amazing game of foosball on your phone. Each and every one of those games will offer you great gaming experice, you just have to pick one: 

Foosball Cup by Ludus Studio

This is, in my opinion, one of the best foosball table games made for Android. The game is made to look like you are playing foosball on a grass field so it is a combination of football and foosball. Controls in the game are highly responsive which provides an awesome gaming experience. You can choose the table size and the difficulty and you can play with different national teams. Some of them are Argentina, USA, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Italy and even Russia.

Foosball by White Collar Games

This app has lower quality because you can’t choose as much as you can with the Foosball Cup. It is also made for Android. You can’t play with national teams, your team can only be recognized by the dress color. But, just like the game above you can choose difficulty – 4 levels and you can adjust the time of each match. There are two bonuses in the game: the Slow Motion Bonus and the Super Ball Bonus which can improve the gaming experience.

Foosball by Illusion Labs

You can choose the difficulty between Easy, Medium, and Pro, which means you can improve your game while playing foosball. The game has sound effects which means that every time someone score you will hear public cheer which can be good, but I like it more when there are no surrounding sounds. Choose whether you want to play with CPU or with your friend. I suggest you start with the CPU and when you get to know the game, invite your friend because you will be invincible.

Foosball 3D by AZanf

Foosball 3D is not the best foosball app on the market made for Android, but it is not that bad. It has a good physics of ball so you will have intense gaming experience, but I have experienced dead balls on the field. When you look at it as true ball physics it is impressive, but it won’t improve your gaming experience. Also, the developer claims that the game is better for a tablet than Smartphone.

Let’s Foosball Free – Table Football by Niea Tech Co, Ltd.

The game is pretty good and made for the iOS devices. If your device has the multi-touch control option then this game can be played with 2 and more players. You can also choose the layout which fits your style best along with the difficulty level and six different colors of the players. You can play against CPU or you can challenge your friend (or more friends) for a game of foosball. The graphics are rather simple but if that is not important to you, then you will be satisfied with this application. 

As you can see, no matter whether you have Android or Apple, you can have fun playing foosball on your smartphone for hours. Now, you can manage to play foosball no matter where you are! 

Mark is a foosball player who wants to bring the foosball to the world so he made a blog about it and he called it Foosball Zone. If you want to be a part of the foosball world visit his blog because he writes everything you need to know about foosball. For example, he will answer to the most important question and that is: “How to pick the best foosball table for you?“ 

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