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Finally, iOS 9.1 brings the emojis we’ve always wanted…

iOS 9.1 is in the hands of beta testers now, less than a week away from the release of iOS 9.0. One of the key “features” of iOS 9.1 will be a new set of emojis from Unicode 7.0 and Unicode 8.0. Yay!

Whether it’s the new taco and hot dog emojis, or the ever-popular middle finger gesture (AKA the “I’m just pointing out your lack of driving skills” gesture), or maybe the new nerd face, you’ll be able to express your opinions to all of your friends online with just a tap or click. It’s sad that the glasses on the “nerd face” are not taped together at the bridge…

I can already see that I will be a huge fan of the thinker and rolling eyes emojis, especially during the upcoming election year. And of course, new weather emojis like the one for a tornado will be useful, especially if you want to warn your friend who is levitating nearby. 

via Emojipedia

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