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FileMaker releases Workplace Innovation Platform report

FileMaker Inc,, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, has released its Workplace Innovation Platform report that examines the pitfalls and problems that businesses are grappling with when it comes to disparate sources of information and other inefficiencies.

Key findings include: 

  • Ninety-six percent of businesses surveyed report problems with business processes. 

  • Seventy-two percent reported issues with file sharing. 

  • Ninety-four percent experienced challenges with existing apps and software.

  • FileMaker surveyed more than 400 businesses for the report. The company asked before implementing a custom app built on your Workplace Innovation Platform, what challenges did you face with your business processes? The answers:

  • Our information was scattered across difference files and systems: 72%.

  • Too much information being routed and stored in email: 67%.

  • Enterprise system date was being shared using spreadsheets: 44%.

  • Projects/teams were using different file sharing systems: 41%.

  • Email was used as a file sharing workaround: 36%.

  • When it came to email challenges:

  • Seventy-seven percent said too much information was being routed and stored in emails.

  • Forty-eight percent said there was no workaround for lack of communication between systems.

  • Forty-one percent said there was no workaround for file sharing restrictions.

  • Survey respondents said that tech solutions often fall short of expectations because:

  • Customization is too costly and time consuming: 32%.

  • Not adaptable enough for our needs 27%.

  • Paying for irrevelant features: 24%.

  • System was too cumbersome or difficult to use: 18%.

  • Unable to share data across systems: 15%.

When asked after adopting a Workplace Innovation Platform, how much more productive is your team in general, 19% of respondents said :75-100%; 21% said 51-74%; 29% said 26-50%; 25% said 1-25%/ and 7% said non at all.

In January FileMaker launched its Workplace Innovation Survey to its customers. Over the course of the 20-year history of the company says its “the core vision has remained consistent — to make powerful technologies accessible to everyone.” As the leader in the Workplace Innovation Platforms category, the company says the FileMaker Platform allows business users to create, share, and integrate custom apps to innovate their workplace. 

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