Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Fifth-generation Apple TV may have been spotted by developers

The current 4th-generation Apple TV lacks one feature that could make it a “must buy” for a lot of Apple fans — 4K video. Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that Apple is testing a new Apple TV codenamed J105 that would support 4K video and could launch later this year. Now MacRumors has heard from developers who think they’ve spotted the new device in log files

Firi Games is the developer of arcade games Phoenix HD and Phoenix II, and the company told MacRumors that a single device identified as AppleTV6,2 running tvOS 11.0 has been spotted in log files for Phoenix HD. The IP address from which the device is connecting is associated with an address range linked to Apple HQ in Cupertino, California. 

AppleTV6,2 is not associated with any existing Apple TV model. The 4th-generation device uses AppleTV5,3 as an identifier, and of course it’s running tvOS 10.1.1. While Bloomberg feels that a new device is on the way and Apple TV sales were down over the previous year for Q1 2017, there’s still no definite news on whether a new Apple TV is in the works. This rumor, however, could pull back the curtain just a bit on Apple’s future plans for the device.

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