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FaceTime helps save the life of a woman having a stroke

A woman who had a stroke while on a FaceTime video call with her sister, says the technology saved her life, according to the BBC.

Opokua Kwapong, a 58-year-old resident of New York, was on a call with her sister, Adumea Sapong, in Manchester, when Sapong noticed that her elder sibling, who lives alone, “didn’t look right” and that her speech was slurred. She told her sister needed to hang up and immediately see a doctor.

After some prompting, Opokua Kwapong hung up the call and dialed 911. Following hospital scans, she was diagnosed as having had a clot on the brain. The stroke has left her paralyzed on her left side.

“There is no doubt that FaceTime saved my life,” Kwapong, who works as a food scientist, told the BBC.

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