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Facebook wants you to replace Apple’s Messages with its own Messenger app

And the battle is on: Facebook — which is one of the companies blasting Apple’s App Store policies — is seeking an option to make its Messenger app the default app for messages on iPhones, reports The Information.

Currently, that default app is Apple’s Messages. Apparently, FaceBook thinks they can convince the iPhone maker to allow the change since iOS 14 offers the option of changing default apps on the iPhone.

“We feel people should be able to choose different messaging apps and the default on their phone,” Stan Chudnovsky, the Facebook vice president in charge of its Messenger app, told The Information. “Generally, everything is moving this direction anyway.”

Chudnovksy said Facebook has asked Apple over the years to consider opening up default messaging. Not surprisingly, Apple has never agreed. (And, personally, if did, I’d still use Apple’s default app as I don’t particularly trust Facebook.)

Speaking of the latter company, Apple has decided to temporarily waive the 30% cut that it takes from in-app purchases for Facebook’s in-app paid event feature, reports CNBC.

Previously, Facebook said Apple blocked an update to the Facebook app that displayed a message saying Apple would take a cut of the transactions. However, the tech giant’s reversal only lasts for three months, and doesn’t apply to gaming companies hosting paid events.

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