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Face Mask with Filter offers comfort and particulate filtering

Tired of face masks that don’t do a good job of really blocking out particulate matter? The CompressMax Air Face Mask and Filter offers a comfortable face mask combined with a PM2.5 carbon filter for the ultimate in protection. It’s on sale today in the Apple World Today Deals Shop for just $19.99 — that’s 33% off the usual price.

In the city, air pollution can build up and greatly decrease air quality. We need to protect ourselves in this current climate more than ever. This CompressMax Air™ Face Mask was made to protect you from airborne contaminants that may fly around polluted areas. Featuring dual inhalation valves, adjustable velcro straps, and non-slip ear cords, this mask ensures wearing comfort while keeping your protected. Each mask comes with a removable PM2.5 activated carbon filter that can be washed and reused. 

  • Dual respiration valves provide comfortable breathing by reducing heat & moisture build-up within the mask

  • Adjustable nose clip allows you to shape the mask to your individual face

  • Velcro straps make it simple & easy to adjust the sizing of the mask

  • Non-slip ear straps so the mask won’t slip off while running, biking, & more

  • Removable & washable PM2.5 filter w/ 5 layers of protection against harmful airborne particles


  1. The filter material may be washed, but ‘hand washing’ is recommended

  2. If the mask is worn daily a filter will last about 4 weeks. Once the filter is uniformly light brown, it’s highly recommended switching it with a new one


One of our readers pointed out that this mask is NOT useful for protection from COVID-19, stating “Any mask with an exhale valve should not be sold during a pandemic (there’s no such thing as an inhalation valve as the description states).

Cloth masks are most effective at preventing the wearer from spreading their own germs or infection to others—this won’t work if aerosols are able to freely escape via an exhale valve.

Most people don’t know to question the presence of a valve—some may even point to valved N95 masks as a reason it’s okay. One must point out that medical-grade N95 masks do not have valves.”

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