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Everybody Dance Now! Pyle’s 1200-watt Disco Jam 2 is the ultimate Bluetooth speaker

Tired of those measly little battery powered Bluetooth speakers because they just don’t produce enough sound to fill your parties with the beat? Pyle USA today introduced the Disco Jam 2 Stereo System (US$227.99) to reverse that trend and keep everyone dancing all night long.

This is really the ultimate Bluetooth speaker, featuring 1200 watts of power, two 10-inch woofers and three 5-inch piezo tweeters. You can feed the Disco Jam 2 from your iPhone or iPad over Bluetooth, plug in a USB drive filled with music, or even tune into your favorite local FM station with the built-in tuner.

Carrying this unit between parties is made easy with built-in carrying handles, and it even has built-in disco lights. There’s a wireless remote so you can crank up the volume and turn on the lights from any location in the room. Charge your iPhone or iPad while it is supplying the Disco Jam 2 with music through a USB port, or use that same port to plug in a flash drive. The Disco Jam 2 even has an SD/MMC card reader, so all of your media storage choices are covered.

You can even use the Disco Jam 2 as a karaoke or PA system with two microphone ports, and add echo to your singing or speaking voice. There’s also a built-in 7-band stereo equalizer and LEDs to show sound levels (aren’t you always supposed to keep them in the red zone?).

If the noise still isn’t enough for you, the Disco Jam 2 pairs with a passive (no electronics) version that sells for about $130. Yeah, for a little over $350 you can be the envy of your partying pals!

I wanted to review the Disco Jam 2, but my wife doesn’t want us to be the noisy ones in this neighborhood. If only this had been available 30 years ago…


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