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Eve Systems announces four new products

Eve Systems has announced four new products for this fall/winter. The range extender Eve Extend is shipping today, while an enhanced version of the smart radiator valve Eve Thermo will go on sale Sept. 16. 

An EU version of Eve Light Switch is due Oct 1. Eve Water Guard, a smart water detector that warns via visual and acoustic alerts as well as notifications, will make its debut in January 2020.

“No other smart home platform protects your privacy like HomeKit. That is why we have been uncompromisingly committed to HomeKit, delivering an ecosystem that will never analyze your usage data, share it or send it to a cloud”, says Jerome Gackel, CEO, Eve Systems, in a press release. “Complementing our Bluetooth based accessories, Eve Extend marks a big leap forward for this product line.”

Eve Extend is a range extender for Bluetooth-enabled Eve devices. It connects directly to accessories beyond the range of your iPhone or home hub and makes them available across your Wi-Fi network. You can use it with 2.4GHz or 5GHz wireless frequencies, assign up to eight Eve accessories to one Eve Extend, and add additional Eve Extend range extenders to reach Eve accessories in different corners of your home.

Eve Light Switch converts your existing single- or multi-location setup into an intelligent lighting system. You can slot Eve Light Switch and the included plate into an existing single or multi-switch frame. Or swap it out for a compatible design of your choice. 

Thanks to autonomous schedules, you can have your lights function automatically and even simulate presence while on vacation, without relying on a home hub. Eve Light Switch will be available in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands.

For this heating season, the smart radiator valve Eve Thermo adds several hardware improvements. According to the folks at Eve Systems, not only is the display now better and clearer, the touch controls also provide feedback when activated. What’s more, an enhanced motor makes Eve Thermo even quieter when opening and closing the valve.

The Eve Water Guard alerts you with an audible and visible alarm as soon as a leak is detected. You also receive instant notifications on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Eve Water Guard ships with a 4.3 foot fully sensing cable that can be extended.

Eve Extend is available from the Eve Store for $49.95. Eve Thermo is available for 69.95 Euro from Eve and Amazon, starting Sept. 16. Eve Light Switch is available for 99.95 Euro from Eve and Amazon, starting Oct. 1 (including an Opus 55 switch plate and frame). The Eve Water Guard will be available starting January 2020, details on availability and pricing will be announced at a later date.

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