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Elevator takes your Mac laptop to new heights (well, 5.5 inches, anyway)

If the GhostStand — see my review here — doesn’t suit your fancy for a laptop stand, check out Griffin Technology’s elegant Elevator. It elevates your laptop 5.5 inches, which offers several advantages. 

For one, it opens up extra desktop real estate for a keyboard and mouse. It helps keep your laptop cool as the elevated computer has air circulating all around it. And it’s healthier for you.

How so?, a source for office ergonomics, recommends positioning the top of your screen level with your eyes and sitting at least an arm’s length from the screen. Both of these key ergonomic standards are made possible using Elevator with an external keyboard.

The Griffin stand is easy to assemble and showcases your laptop’s good looks. However, it has a slight wobble to it, which was a bit disconcerting. Still, the Elevator’s nonskid pads on the top keep your Mac laptop from sliding around; nonskid pads on the bottom keep the stand itself from sliding around on a desk or tabletop. And though the stand holds the laptop at a slight downward slope, neither my 12-inch MacBook nor my wife’s 13-inch MacBook Pro showed any inclination to slide off.

Also, it would be nice if you could adjust the height in case 5.5 inches isn’t enough elevation for you. Overall, however, the Elevator is a classy, ergonomically sound stand for just about any laptop up to 15 inches. 

It’s available in gold, space grey, black, and classic aluminum for $39.99. It works with Apple’s entire Mac laptop range.

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