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Eight Apple products make Fortune’s ‘greatest designs of modern times’

Eight Apple products have made Fortune’s list of “the greatest designs of modern times.” The magazine has partnered with the IIT Institute of Design to poll educators, influencers, freelance designers, and corporate design teams on the creations they consider truly great. 

The iPhone topped the list for “the way in which the device has transformed human communication and nearly every aspect of how we live.” Number two on the list is the Macintosh because “Apple started the personal computer revolution with the Apple II, but the Macintosh defined the category.”

Number 10 is the iPod, which “revolutionized a category with a closed system, and propelled the music industry forward.” The MacBook Pro, which “untethered creative professionals from workstation computers,” is number 14

Coming in at number 22 is the Apple App Store. “With the App Store, Apple pays developers handsomely to create ever-greater apps that make this all possible. All this is refined by a principled, curatorial force of nature that makes us all feel inspired and optimistic that life is perpetually getting better,” says Jason Ring, senior design manager, Uber.

iOS is number 29 on Fortune’s list as its a mobile operating system that’s “simple to use,” but “powerful enough for serious work.” The Apple Watch, at spot number 46, offers “the power of an iPhone in a package not much bigger than a postage stamp.”

The last Apple product on Fortune’s list is Apple Pay, which offers “digital payments authorized by your face or fingerprints.”

Dennis Sellers
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