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EBÖRD table can recharge AirPods, iPhones, etc.

Proton New Energy Future, is launching the EBÖRD table, a wireless “self-sufficient” device that recharges your electronic devices (smartphone, wearables, Air Pods, tablets, etc.) with renewable energy.

According to Miquel Jové, CEO of Proton New Energy Future, it’s been created with the capability of generating green energy through artificial light inside home environments without the need for sunlight. The table, which requires no plugs and is wireless, can charge your electronic devices and is compatible with any smartphone that incorporates Qi charge, such as smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Sharp, and Xiaomi. 

In case your smartphone isn’t compatible with Qi Technology, EBÖRD offers an adaptor to charge the phone in the table. The EBÖRD table operates on a standard Qi wireless charging system and devices can be charged anywhere on its surface.

It’s waterproof and has been tested for liquids or other products that may fall on the table. What’s more, the EBÖRD table can come equipped with a high-quality surround audio system, which connects to the devices via Bluetooth. Finally, it can come equipped with a high-efficiency LED lighting system for moments of rest or reading.

Proton New Energy Future has launched an Indiegogo campaign for the device. You can purchase the EBÖRD table through its campaign at a discount from its $750 price.

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