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Dynamic Deal! DaisyDisk for Mac

It’s still Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, which means that there’s still time to do spring cleaning! While most of think about clearing junk out of the garage or shed, emptying out the basement, or picking up the last bits of detritus from the Winter, we should be thinking about cleaning something that’s right in front of us — our Mac’s storage. Today we have a 30 percent off sale price on DaisyDisk for Mac, a cost-effective and easy way to clean up your data

DaisyDisk is what we use to find what’s taking up way too much space on our Macs. It:

  • Protects system files by giving you the final say on what is deleted
  • Scans all connected disks, from Mac HD to Thunderbolt disks to flash, network storage, & more
  • Displays data in real-time so you’ll always know how much space you have available on all disks
  • Lets you use your existing storage rather than buying more of it

Apple has named DaisyDisk a Mac App Store “essential”, and once you’ve tried it you’ll find that DaisyDisk is one of your favorite Mac utilities. Get it today in the Apple World Today Deals Shop for just $6.99.

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