Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Drone footage shows nearly-completed Apple Park

Since the construction of Apple Park began, we’ve been following the progress thanks to well-done videos taken from drones flying over the facility. We probably won’t see these for much longer, so it’s always nice to see a new video coming in from Matthew Roberts:

This video shows just how far along all of the final landscaping is. You see that trees are still being installed around the facility, there are some small structures that are still being built, and sports facilities — basketball and tennis courts — are being constructed. But the main “spaceship” building is all nicely finished on the exterior, although interior finish work must be ongoing (there are a lot of Porta-Potties lined up at one point near the building…). 

I’m curious to know whether Apple will apply to have the air over Apple Park set aside as a “No Fly Zone”, as the skies could quickly fill with drones of all sorts flown by Apple fans or competitors…

Steve Sande
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