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Don’t touch that screen without Mujjo’s touchscreen gloves

Back in November of 2019, Dennis Sellers provided us with a review of Mujjo’s touchscreen gloves, which allow you to keep your hands warm in cold weather while also letting you use the touchscreen on an Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad. These gloves can also keep your washed or sanitized hands isolated from viruses on public touchscreens — perfect for these times when we’re all being cautious. Let’s take a look!

I’ve had an opportunity to try Mujjo’s Single Insulated Touchscreen Gloves (US$46.19) this winter, and they’ve been a godsend during the cold weather. AWT’s headquarters in Highlands Ranch, Colorado experienced colder than usual temperatures, but I was able to continue my usual outdoor walks with the help of the Mujjo gloves. They work perfectly starting and stopping the workout timer on my Apple Watch, and when I wanted to take a photo using the iPhone, I didn’t need to take the gloves off.

Both the single-insulated and double-insulated models are designed to provide a touchscreen experience as close to an ungloved hand as possible. The thickness of the gloves and extra layer of Polar Fleece meant that I wasn’t always able to hit my target on the Apple Watch screen, but they worked flawlessly with the larger buttons and icons on the iPhone.

The outer shell is a wind-resistant Micro Pique that works very well to guard the hands, while the internal insulation kept them toasty. Unlike other touchscreen gloves I’ve used, the stretch-knit fleece fabric stretches to fit your hand perfectly, and the cuff seals off airflow from near the wrists.

The gloves also have a really good grip that works well even if it is snowing — I had quite a few chances this winter to use them during snowstorms, and between the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s water resistance and the gloves, I never did drop the phone.

Unlike some touchscreen gloves I’ve used in the past, these are designed so that the thumb can be used — not just the fingers. That can come in very handy for one-handed thumb typing on an iPhone.

Now, these gloves aren’t designed to keep your hands germ- or virus-free, but they can provide an extra layer of protection that you might want these days when you’re out and about. They look good, too, and if you keep them on while you’re in the grocery store I don’t think anyone would mind. The touchscreen gloves can be hand washed in cold water without soap.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

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