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DODOcase Lorna iPhone Wallet Case: Finally, a real replacement for a wallet

There are a lot of iPhone cases that offer the opportunity to carry your iPhone as well as your cash and credit cards; I think I’ve personally reviewed well over a hundred of them! But most of these wallets have one problem in common. If you suffer from Fat Wallet Syndrome like I do, they aren’t a solution that is going to allow you to get rid of carrying a “real” wallet. DODOcase has recently introduced the Lorna iPhone Wallet Case ($64.95 for iPhone 6, $74.95 for iPhone 6 Plus), so I decided it was time to see if I could finally put my wallet away.


The Lorna iPhone Wallet Case follows a tried-and-true design for wallet cases; there’s a polycarbonate tray that the iPhone snaps into and a folding exterior cover with slots in it for your cards and cash.

But of course, DODOcase has taken the Lorna to the next level. The tray is nicely designed and doesn’t smash any of the buttons on your iPhone when you’re trying to install it. The exterior cover? Made of Pergamena leather in three finishes — blue with a harbor blue interior, red with a granite interior, and brown with a dove gray interior. The interior? It’s made of an easy to clean book cloth interior — after all, DODOcase built its reputation on using bookbinding techniques to create its unique cases. The Lorna is held shut while in transit thanks to an elastic strap.

Like many of the competitors in this market, the Lorna offers slots for your credit cards and IDs— two on the iPhone 6 model, three on the iPhone 6 Plus version. There’s also a space behind the card slots for money of the folding paper variety.

One other thing of note about the Lorna; it’s named after one of the many talented craftspeople at DODOcase. Here’s her story.


Most of the time, I don’t need all that many credit, debit or cards. After all, I use my iPhone and Apple Watch with Apple Pay to pay as often as possible at local stores. So I went through my wallet and finally decide what cards I must carry with me, and which cards I could leave at home most of the time.

That ended up being two IDs, an insurance card, a AAA card, one credit card, one debit/ATM card, and two customer loyalty cards — eight cards in total, two more than the recommended two per slot. I was able to fit my cards into the slots with only a little extra bulge.

My concern is that over time, the cards rub up against and scratch the iPhone screen. I guess that’s as good a reason as any to try out a screen protector that was recently sent to me for review.

The Lorna looks good, closes fully even with the extra cards I stuffed into it, and I think it’s going to work out great. For once, I think I’ll be able to carry my keys in one pocket and my phone and wallet in the other.


As with other handmade cases reviewed here on Apple World Today, the Lorna commands a premium price. However, at $75 for the iPhone 6 Plus version, I don’t think the price is completely out of line, especially when a handmade leather wallet alone can cost just as much.

The DODOcase Lorna iPhone Wallet Case is a handcrafted multitasking masterpiece, perfect for anyone attempting to carry less in their pockets.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

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