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Do you really need to upgrade to one of the new M1 Macs?

The M1 Macs are getting fantastic reviews, so PCMag hardware analyst, Matthew Buzzi, has asked the question, “Do I need to upgrade to an Apple M1 chip device?”

You should definitely read the entire article, but the answer for average users with recent Mac devices is “not really,” unless you need a new MacBook anyway or can benefit from clear performance upgrades as a content creator. Here’s some of the highlights form Buzzi’s article:

° If you have a recent Mac, you don’t really need an M1 device. The M1 machines are definitely faster and the boost in battery life is appealing. But realistically you don’t need one if you have a 2018 and newer model device.

° If you own a definitively old MacBook Air, MacBook, or MacBook Pro and are in the market for a replacement, it’s worth getting one of the new M1-based MacBooks. For desktop users, owners of an older, pre-2018 Mac mini will similarly benefit from the new M1-based model.

° Media professionals will need to grapple with the Universal apps issue the most, and are the users most affected by the performance differences in an upgrade here. There are some pros and cons to be weighed here.

° For content creators, those currently using a MacBook Pro or Mac mini for work, where margins of speed and wait times make a big difference, are the main beneficiaries of what the M1 could offer.

° For Windows users, regarding the Mac mini in particular, it’s only gotten better. It has a stellar starting price, more than competitive with the best compact Windows desktops in its price class.

You should also check out PCMag’s reviews of the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini.

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