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Do folks like Apple TV+ enough to keep paying after a trial subscription ends?

Apple reportedly spent $6 billion to create the opening roster of shows on its Apple TV+ streaming service, which debuted in November. But will its content be enough to catch and holder viewers?

Flixed — a company dedicated to simplifying cord cutting by developing tools and resources that make cord-cutting easy and accessible — surveyed TV+ viewers in late November to get an early sense of how people have received the tech giant’s foray into the entertainment business. Apple offers a few trial options for the streaming service. There’s a seven-day trial period, after which it’s $4.99 per month.

However, if you buy a new Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you get the service free for a year. Students who sign up for its $4.99 Apple Music get TV+ for free.

According to Flixed, 73 % of Apple TV+ users we surveyed tried the service via the free trial. Of them, 28 % signed up.

But when people whose trials haven’t expired were asked if they would sign up, 59%t said yes. Why the difference?

“Perhaps it’s a matter of behavioral economics: people harbor vague intentions to make a purchase until it’s actually time to pay the bill,” says Flixed. “Those whose trials haven’t expired also include users who signed up with the purchase of a new device, and maybe those people are more likely to be Apple devotees, more inclined to buy anything the company puts out. Or maybe it takes more than a week to become fully immersed in Apple’s offerings, giving shows sufficient time to pick up steam.”

Dennis Sellers
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