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DIRECTV Watch app puts the remote on your wrist

The ultimate in laziness has just arrived, courtesy of DIRECTV and your Apple Watch. No more do you have to stretch your arm to pick up the remote — now just a tap on your wrist will control your satellite TV viewing. The DIRECTV iPhone App (free) now has a Watch companion that serves as a remote control that also just happens to tell time and do a lot of other amazing things, too — like tell you to get off of the couch hourly and move around.

The app does most of the things you’d expect a full TV remote to do, including browsing of channels for movies and shows, checking details of those shows, and even setting them to record on the HD DVR. Once they’re recorded on the DVR, you can play, pause, rewind and fast-forward with a few taps on your wrist.

The DIRECTV channel guide, your DVR playlist, and most of the other regular on-screen TV menus appear on the app. The satellite TV provider has a full FAQ with the skinny on how the app works and what’s required. If you have an Apple Watch, an iPhone, and a compatible Internet-connected receiver, grab the app, a six-pack, and a bag of cheese puffs and you’re on your way to the best high-tech TV weekend ever!

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