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DeviceAtlas: Apple is losing ‘browsing market share’

DeviceAtlas, a supplier of intelligence on mobile devices, has released its Mobile Web Intelligence Report for the second quarter of 2016. The report, which analyzes mobile device traffic to “hundreds of thousands of websites around the world,” claims that Apple is losing “browsing market share.”

According to DeviceAtlas, Apple lost users during the period from the second quarter (Q2) of 2015 to the second quarter of2016 in 18 out of 20 countries analyzed, including the UK (-10%), Germany (-6%), and USA (-4%). During this time gains were seen by Samsung and Huawei. During Q2 2016 the research groupsays the 4-inch screen size was the most popular in Canada and the second most popular in France, Italy, Japan, Spain and UK. This popularity is likely due to the iPhone SE released in March.

“This quarter’s Apple device data is especially interesting as Apple prepares for the launch of the next iteration of the iconic iPhone. Apple’s recent closure of the iAd ecosystem underlines the fact that they need to keep the focus on the hardware,” says Martin Clancy, DeviceAtlas’ head of marketing.

The Sellers Research Firm (that’s me) predicts Apple’s browsing market share will ramp back up with the release of the “iPhone 7” (probably next month) and new iPads (in October).

The Mobile Web Intelligence Report, based on web traffic to a global network of partner websites, presents the popularity of various device characteristics based on the number of website visits. It notes that , hile Apple sells less phones than Samsung, the leading phone maker in terms of sales, there are some countries where Apple captures over 50% of web traffic. 

This is probably caused by the fact that Apple sells high-end devices with a longer lifespan than many Android phones. iPhones are typically bought and used in urbanized areas where good connectivity is available resulting in many website visits generated by people who use these phones, according to DeviceAtlas.

Countries where Apple is the most popular with a share of around 50-60%, include Australia, Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, UK, and USA. The least Apple dominated countries, according to our analysis, include Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, India, Nigeria, Poland and South Africa. 

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