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Defender Series for the iPad Pro offers great protection, several drawbacks

If you want the ultimate protection for your iPad Pro, you can’t do better than the Defender Series from Otterbox. It’s available for the 11-inch and 12.9-inch Apple tablets for $89.95 and $129.95, respectively.

But you have to REALLY want protection to use the case. It’s a little tricky to install and difficult to remove. I guess that’s to be expected with the triple layer design that boasts an outer slipcover and hard shell to absorb shocks. A built-in screen protector keeps the display safe from scratches while port covers keep dust and debris out of the ports. 

An included shield stand adds another layer of defense and acts as a stand while in use. All this protection is great, but adds quite bulk to your iPad. 

What’s more, the Defender Series is stiff. If you don’t install it perfectly, you’ll have problems depressing the iPad Pro’s volume buttons. 

With the case installed, it’s a bit of work to attach an Apple Pencil to the tablet for charging. And, of course, you can’t use Apple’s Smart Folio for typing. You’ll have to go with a standalone keyboard instead.

The average iPad Pro user will probably find the Defender Series’ drawbacks considerable enough to look elsewhere for a case. But if you’re using your tablet in the field or in harsh outdoor conditions (or if you’re just extremely clumsy), the Otterbox case can be an iPad Pro life saver.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★

Dennis Sellers
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