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Decluttr: iPhones hold much more value than Android phones

A new study from recommence site found that some smartphones are depreciating faster than cars, with some losing as much as half of their value after only one year of use.

While a car in the U.S. typically loses 19% of its value in the first year after being driven off the lot, smartphones can lose up to 65% of their value after just a month of being released.

There’s good news for iPhone users, however, as Decluttr’s data shows that iPhones hold much more value than Androids, with the iPhone 4 retaining 39% of its value five years after its launch in 2010, and the iPhone 6 (16GB) holding 50% of its valuejust one year after being released.

The only iPhone that didn’t fare as well is the iPhone 5 (16GB), which decreased in value by 66% within eight months of being released. The launch of the iPhone 5s may be to blame though, as it was released shortly after the iPhone 5.

When looking at Android models, the HTC One M9 lost 65% of its value in a month after being released, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 lost half of its value within two months of being on the market. Even the LG G4 couldn’t retain its value, and the model, which was launched four months before the iPhone 6, lost 88% of its value nine months after release.

After the initial loss in value, which was different for all models and makes, all the cells researched by Decluttr had a consistent average value loss of about 1% per month.

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