Dating app for the ‘COVID-19 unvaccinated’ booted from the Apple App Store

Apple has removed a dating app for the “COVID-19 unvaccinated” from its App Store for failing to provide credible health information, according to PCMag

The Unjected software markets itself as a “place to meet like-minded unvaccinated people.” But it also claims that the COVID-19 vaccines can be dangerous. This is despite evidence from U.S. health authorities that show the vaccines are safe and effective at stopping COVID-19, per PCMag.

According to Bloomberg, the Unjected app broke App Store rules by “inappropriately” referring to the “COVID-19 pandemic in its concept or theme.” Over a year ago, Apple banned entertainment and game apps from using COVID-19 as a theme. The tech giant has also been working to ensure apps that refer to the pandemic do so by citing credible sources from the medical community or government. 

Apple told PCMag the Unjected app — still available at the Google Play store — broke App Store rules by encouraging its own users to avoid using certain words, such as “vaccine,” “jabbed,” and “microchip,” which might trigger scrutiny from the company. This amounted to trying to cheat the system, and led to the app’s removal, the article says.

Dennis Sellers
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